We offer milling, bottling and labeling, and sampling services. We strive to accommodate our clients' needs at every step of the olive oil production process. We can mill your olives or we can buy your high quality, healthy olives. We can help you with your harvesting and trucking services as well.

Our mill combines the best of traditional and modern methods. It was introduced on the market by Pieralisi of Italy in 2003 and was the first of its kind in the U.S. In our first year using it, we milled several award-winning extra virgin olive oils including three gold medals at the Los Angeles County Fair Olive Oils of the World Competition. Since then, the oils we have milled have received many awards, both in the United States and internationally. Our mill is a fully automated double-hammer double-grid hammermill with fully-covered malaxers and a centrifugal extractor. It is designed to increase yields, optimize flavors, decrease the bitterness sometimes found in traditional hammermills, and preserve anti-oxidants. The state-of-the-art functions of this mill allow us to fine-tune each processing phase to satisfy the different needs of different customers.

This mill is particularly well suited to processing different batches from different orchards. All the components coming in contact with the olives, olive paste, and olive oil are made of stainless steel and the whole line has advanced washing features, making it easier to separate batches from different sources. It allows a very high level of cleanliness and excellent sanitary conditions and greatly reduces the risk of olive oil contamination present in other methods. It is a high capacity system, allowing us to be flexible regarding our clients' timing needs.

We own high quality stainless steel tanks for storing our oil and can provide our clients with different types and sizes of containers should the need arise. We can also provide harvest bins for the harvest and transportation and glass bottles for the bottling process.

We can test your oil on-site for free fatty acids and peroxides while we are milling so that you can have immediate quality information.

Don't miss the slide show about our Pieralisi mill!