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How much do you know about the olive oil production process? Test your knowledge by taking the following two quizzes. Each is comprised of twelve questions based on interesting facts and concepts and presented to you in random order. Your score will be printed on the screen at the end of each quiz.

We wrote these quizzes with two goals in mind. First, we wanted to provide a way to help people understand some of the basic facts and concepts about making extra-virgin olive oil. Second, we hoped to show that nothing is simple in the olive oil production process. We never cease to be surprised to hear or read completely black and white statements about the "right" (and "only") way to do things. Mort Rosenblum made several jokes in his wonderful book Olives about the fact that, all over the world, people in the olive oil industry are very opinionated about their way of doing things. And yet, people in different countries using different growing and processing methods have produced absolutely wonderful oils. All equipment and processes have both pros and cons. Furthermore, some factors that may be considered a plus by some people may be a minus for others. The role of olive oil makers is to try to balance all these factors to satisfy the particular needs of their clients. We hope that these quizzes will encourage you to find out more about olive oil production and help you formulate your own opinions about this wonderful food.