Figueroa Farms is based in the picturesque Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County, California, at the foot of Figueroa Mountain. The rolling hills of Santa Ynez Valley share the same latitude, climate, and conditions as the renowned olive regions of Italy and Spain. Olive groves thrive here, and our mission is that one day Santa Ynez Valley will rival the world's prime olive oil-producing regions.

We first fell in love with olives and their oil after inheriting an old orchard and house in the south of France. There, the hills shimmered with green and silver leaves of time-worn, gnarled olive trees. We wanted to recreate that vision back in California. We found the ideal ranch in the sun-soaked hills of Santa Ynez Valley. We started planting about 4,500 olive trees in 2002, and soon planted thousands of olive trees and provided orchard services for neighbors and other clients. In 2003, we purchased a state-of-the-art Italian olive mill and offered milling services to our clients and other farmers.

Figueroa Farms is a true family business. We run all the day-to-day operations. Erin Addison, Shawn's sister does all the design work. Shawn's parents help for special occasions and during milling season, anytime there is a crunch. Everything is done at the farm, from milling the oil to bottling and labeling, even printing advertising materials. This allows us to keep costs down. The very first oil we made, Camino al Cielo -- named after a road on the top of the mountains we see from our ranch -- won a Gold Medal at the L.A. County Fair Olive Oils of the World Competition in 2004. It repeated in 2005 and received a Silver medal in 2006. It was selected by Marco Oreggia in his Italian guide book, L'Extravergine, as one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, in 2005, 2006 and again in 2007. A German magazine featured this oil in their 2005 food/olive oil special edition as one of the best oils they selected from all over the world (and one of the only two U.S. oils) and featured another of our oils in 2006. Camino al Cielo was also selected by the Bristol Farms chain of gourmet stores' customers as the best specialty product in its category. Since that first batch of Camino al Cielo, every oil we have milled submitted at the L.A. County Fair has won a medal-including nine Gold Medals in three years.

We are now distributed by several companies, and our olive oil can be found at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Nugget Markets, Lunardi's, and gourmet stores such as Draeger's, Bianchini's, Bryan's, Lazy Acres, Nielsen Brothers, Real Food, Village Kitchen Shoppe, Wolfe's Marketplace and many others. It is used by some prestigious restaurants such as the Bel-Air restaurant in Los Angeles and Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego. It is our goal to make the Figueroa Farms' name synonymous with top quality, whether it be for our our extra virgin olive oils or our milling or consulting services.

We are extremely grateful to the many people who have helped us build Figueroa Farms. We invite you to read about our Starting Five and our Fabulous Bench Fabulous Bench (yes, we love basketball!) and to visit the rest of our website.

Shawn and Antoinette Addison
Owners, Figueroa Farms